About Armytek

Let’s start from the middle. Legally Armytek Optoelectronics Inc. was registered by Olga Khanoutin, the company's President, in the beginning of the 2010 in Ontario, Canada.

But everything began much earlier. Starting from 2007 we have taken part in more than 50 international exhibitions in different continents. Now our product line consists only of 14 models which are represented in 32 countries of the world, but in the nearest future there will be launched more than 40 models of flashlights and 12 kinds of original accessories, which altogether will cover every significant sphere. Our corporation has multiple patents worldwide.

And you are able to throw almost all our flashlights from 10th-floor height and submerge them at 50 meters. 

Why? We’ve just put in such great margin of safety. 10 years no-hassle warranty.

We bust myths. No more compromises. Forget everything you’ve known about flashlights before.